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mugshotHi. I'm Kenneth Schwartzman and this is my personal site.

Most of my ramblings can be found on my blog. I usually write about Movies, Food & Wine, stupid stuff in SF, and occasionally about tech-related items. Every once in a while I have a post that's pretty decent, so subscribe to the RSS feed and check in now and again.

I reside in the sometimes sunny city of San Francisco and currently work downtown for a market research software company. The division/site I work for is called Zoomerang. Sign up for a free account and try it out if you'd like.

Although I rarely, if ever, blog about work directly, I do occasionally write about the areas I help cover: Customer Support, Customer Support Tools (phone systems & ACDs, CRMs, trouble-ticket systems), spam, email deliverability, e-commerce transactions, automated QA tools (even "simple" ones like Selenium), survey tools, mobile surveys, sms, mobile phones, forum support, etc.

Other than work I try to keep up with my various hobbies: eating, dining with friends, watching movies, Tae Kwon Do (red belt), traveling, roasting coffee, sipping espresso or wine, cooking and eating (yes I know I typed eating twice, it's supposed to be funny). As I've said before, I like to list all of my hobbies like that because it makes me sound busier than I usually am.

If you need more information you can email me - kenneth at this domain.

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