Question about yesterday’s coffee vid for espresso friends

At 24:45 in that video, the trainer says he tries to pull 20gm of yield from 20gm of grounds. Does that seem a bit low for the yield to y’all? Especially those of you who pull shots at home? I’ll have to follow up on this. Leave me a note in the comments.

Vice Coffee Video

sent to me by @mydogscool

Pretty comprehensive video- section on growing beans, sorting, washing, prep, etc to roasting to brewing and more. Pretty interesting, although I could see some people getting turned off by the fussiness after a while.

Car(less) Update 2

For the 8 or so curious readers, I thought you should know that I made it to a year without the car. (See previous post here).

I don’t have major changes or thoughts other than what I wrote back in April. The only new information I have is that Chase Rewards doesn’t recognize Flywheel as a Travel Service and therefore they won’t give me 2X points like they do when I use Uber. Chase’s customer service says Flywheel is a software company fwiw.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Otherwise I still miss it occasionally when I want to spontaneously go to the South Bay or Oakland and hang out with friends for a last-minute dinner. (Oakland is easier to do with Bart + Uber than the South Bay).

Low Mileage in 2015

I just looked at my strava stats, my bike mileage was a bit lower in 2015 (but my travel was higher ;) ).

I’ll have to aim for more miles in 2016.

Fly6 Rear Camera Example Vids

I could have sworn I wrote a post months ago about my Fly6 camera, but I must have only tweeted about it.

The Fly6 is a USB powered rear light/blinky combo with a pretty good HD camera in it that records onto a tiny SD card. It’s designed as a safety camera (eg go look at the footage if something bad happens) and not a super 1080p look at me wingsuit adventure camera. But it’s still damn good.

I took some example video off the device a while back and put it up on YouTube to show people that license plates are easily readable in almost all conditions at certain distances. The only time the camera seems to wash out is when it’s facing the sun (when I’m riding away from the sun).

But it’s a great device and I highly recommend it- especially for regular commuters.

Example vid 1: commuting home up Market St in SF. I’m heading West into the sun for most of the video if I recall correctly.

The second vid is from the Presidio with varying light and positioning, including time with the sun at my back.

Use the YouTube settings to put the videos in HD mode if you’re serious about testing license plate reading or finding other details. If you need more information, shoot me an email.