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Gift Ideas for Bikers

Now’s the time of year when people start asking me for recommendations for gifts for their loved ones who bike. I usually say the same thing every year- depending on budget get them one of these: 1. a tune-up from their favorite mechanic at the local bike shop 2. better lights 3. socks But since I’ll be asked, I thought I’d write a list and post it on the K-blog so I can just.. Read More

Smith Optics Pivlocks Have Strong Lenses

A few months ago I was riding home and had my still-new Pivlock glasses on my helmet as it was past sundown. Long story short, but they fell off and the car next to me ran them over. I picked up the pieces and took them home hoping I’d be able to salvage some of the parts since I still had two other sets of lenses for them.Long story short, no, I can’t.. Read More

Yet Another Taxi Rant?

I had a draft saved about how I had been leaning towards changing my mind about cabs v uber and their spat after having some good rides using Flywheel and “regular” cabs- in particular a ride with a great Yellow Cab driver who had been driving for 20-30 years(!). But you know what – screw it. I went to update the draft and the same day a coworker had a bad experience because.. Read More

Timely Taxi Thoughts

I just saw this on SFist and it reminded me to post: DeSoto Cab Wants To Turn Its Taxis Into Limo Sedans To Survive Among Uber, Lyft I took a regular cab last night. I haven’t taken one in a while. That’s mostly because a while back I switched to using Uber and Lyft -as most of you know. Most of my rides start “way out” in the Inner Richmond and cabs wouldn’t show.. Read More