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I know how she feels

neither will i RT @Variety: Matthew McConaughey Won’t Return for ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel — Megan Neuringer (@MeganNeuringer) September 20, 2014

Yet Another Taxi Rant?

I had a draft saved about how I had been leaning towards changing my mind about cabs v uber and their spat after having some good rides using Flywheel and “regular” cabs- in particular a ride with a great Yellow Cab driver who had been driving for 20-30 years(!). But you know what – screw it. I went to update the draft and the same day a coworker had a bad experience because.. Read More

Timely Taxi Thoughts

I just saw this on SFist and it reminded me to post: DeSoto Cab Wants To Turn Its Taxis Into Limo Sedans To Survive Among Uber, Lyft I took a regular cab last night. I haven’t taken one in a while. That’s mostly because a while back I switched to using Uber and Lyft -as most of you know. Most of my rides start “way out” in the Inner Richmond and cabs wouldn’t show.. Read More

Pitbull’s WC Theme Sucks #VoltaWakaWaka

This is high art compared to You know what would have been great? Oh, I dunno, having BRAZILIANS write and perform the songs maybe?  They should remove Pitbull and Jlo and add more Claudia Leitte. Carlinhos Brown and others relegated to the sidelines? Lame. Sinto muito amigos brasileiros- eu não sei porque eles utilizaram o Pitbull em vez de seus musicos. -=I’m not trying to put down Freshly Ground, I really like them-.. Read More

Hearst News Sites Rile Me Up

I need a new routine for reading the news. I miss my old Google reader routine, it kept me more sane and less ranty. I tend to check The Chronicle’s in the mornings before work and then later I’ll check the Express’ and maybe later the Houston Chronicle too. I know the properties are all owned by Hearst and I expect some overlap in the stories and syndication, but the quality.. Read More