Stolen Bike Update – Insurance Saves The Day

Just a quick update- no, I didn’t find the bikes. But my insurance company did send me a check which will cover the cost to build up a new Gunnar Fastlane. (Yes, I’m going with the same model… I loved it! No I don’t have it yet, it’ll take a while.)

If you live in SF and don’t have renter’s insurance, you need to get it. And not just because someone can sneak into your garage and steal your bikes. I got covered because I saw some apartment fires a few years ago and they freaked me out a little.  Hearing about how the tenants lost everything was enough motivation. The coverage of my bikes was just an added bonus.  And the fact that the insurance company agent was super nice and helpful was another welcome addition.

The only odd thing about the insurance process was an option I had to use “a replacement resource”. I had assumed I would just be given a check (and I eventually was) but they offered use of a service which could be faster and would take care of replacing everything for me and they put me in touch with that department.

I thought that was a bit much for a bike replacement especially since I needed a custom bike replaced and the store had all the measurements. Sure I had a list of other items that were taken (like blinkies and tire levers, etc), but I could order those parts from my LBS or Amazon. Maybe if I had a house fire and needed them to replace everything in your big list it’d make more sense but…

So they put me in touch with that service and I knew something was amiss on the first call. The thing was, it wasn’t an exact replacement service per se.  The name of the company is Replacement Resource. And my first interaction with my rep wasn’t very smooth. He wasn’t clear on describing that they’re a separate company.

[My insurance agent did eventually clear this up very quickly after I called him. The insurance company was nothing but great during this process- there was just a few days lag in getting the replacement story cleared up because my agent took a few days for personal vacation. ]

So while I was on the phone with a Replacement Resource rep, I was quickly googling about the rep and the company and getting more confused and annoyed. I kept asking him questions about getting the exact same stuff and it wasn’t clear he could (or would do that).

The other thing was that LinkedIn showed the guy’s title to be a Sales Rep. So I then understood why he kept trying to ask what type of bike the Gunnar was like (comparing it to a Trek Hybrid, etc) even though he said he was a biker and knew road bikes. I’m guessing that he basically gets paid to sell off replacement inventory.

Of course, as I’m googling I saw that he had a semi-unprotected Facebook account because his pictures came up almost immediately.

Now I didn’t set out to be snobby and judgmental, but I got there quickly. If I were a sales rep trying to convince someone to use my service for the insurance industry, I’d try to hide all of my pics that show my car modification pics, racing cars, radar detectors and jokes about how women shouldn’t complain about anal sex. I’d also hide all my selfies that make me look unprofessional to casual searches.



update: he’s modified his personal settings finally

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