Car(less) Update 2

For the 8 or so curious readers, I thought you should know that I made it to a year without the car. (See previous post here).

I don’t have major changes or thoughts other than what I wrote back in April. The only new information I have is that Chase Rewards doesn’t recognize Flywheel as a Travel Service and therefore they won’t give me 2X points like they do when I use Uber. Chase’s customer service says Flywheel is a software company fwiw.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Otherwise I still miss it occasionally when I want to spontaneously go to the South Bay or Oakland and hang out with friends for a last-minute dinner. (Oakland is easier to do with Bart + Uber than the South Bay).

Productivity Recharge and Question

I periodically re-read David Allen’s GTD book(s), blog posts or videos and I recently re-listened to Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog on Audible. Maybe it was an end-of-summer timing funk, but revisiting those authors seemed to help me reorganize things and get kickstarted with some stalled projects.

Do any of you periodically review favorite books or blogs or other material when you’re feeling un-productive of in a funk? Let me know in the comments if so- I’m curious about it all- bullet journals, your Evernote techniques, podcasts, etc.


Car(less) Update

Someone painted a fake redzone on the curb and gave this car a fake ticket.
Someone painted a fake redzone on the curb and gave this car a fake ticket. This doesn’t really have much to do with my post, but it’s the kind of crap you have to put up with in SF

Some of you have asked about how I’ve been faring without a car. Mine was stolen back in December/January and then later recovered by the SFPD. But it was messed up enough to have it “totaled” by the insurance company. So I’ve been carless for almost four months now.

So here are the answers to most of your questions (I may have missed one or two).

Did you buy another car?
No, I didn’t buy a car. I don’t really need one (for now), so I’m not in a rush to go out and replace mine. (See the last paragraph)

What’d you do with the insurance money?
I took the insurance money and put it in an account that I can’t easily withdraw from to keep me from spending the money. I also pay that account with a fake “car payment” every month.

So you’re rolling in cash?
Uh, no. My spending on Uber and Flywheel has gone up. Granted, a lot of that usage was over the holidays when I was going to/from parties where I wouldn’t have driven anyways. Also they were some nice parties or nights out where I didn’t want to ruin my happy buzz by riding on the 38 to go home. My spending trend has gone lower since January

What’s the plan then?
My original plan was to go six months without getting another car. It’s been four months, so I’ll re-evaluate in two months. I’ll probably keep going and try to go carless for a year.

How do you get groceries/run errand/etc?
Groceries? I walk over to Clement St, or ride my bike to Safeway. Or I get stuff at the Farmer’s Market near my place on Sundays.
Errands? It depends what I need to do, but I usually just run my errands on my bike or the bus.
What about those boxes I get at work? Oh, that’s usually wine. I put the wine in my wine carrier bags and then take six bottles home the next time I take the bus and leave the remaining bottles at work until the next bus ride.

But don’t you miss having a car?
No…… and yes.
Most of the time I don’t miss having it. I don’t miss trying to find parking. I don’t miss moving the car, or checking it at night or in the morning to make sure I’m not in a 2nd Monday/Wednesday cleaning spot. It’s REALLY nice not having to worry about it.

But sure, I have missed it at times:
I missed it twice when I house sat in the East Bay (because I wanted to take a HUGE load of laundry to the house, and I was nervous about driving my friends’ cars).
I’ve missed it a few times when I wanted to go to the South Bay to visit friends.
I missed it when I wanted to pick up my gf when she was sick and take her to the doc’s (I wound up taking a cab to get her, then driving her car).

But the point of this little list is that it’s a little list. I can specifically remember when and why I wanted my car back or to borrow one. But when I list out those incidents over time, it’s a little over once a month. That’s nothing in the big scheme of things.  But I should add- it’s nothing for now.

The only way there would be an immediate change to the above would be if my job situation changed, if my health suddenly changed or should I need to move. If any of those happened, then I’d probably need to re-evaluate everything.

{link} Federal judge in Houston lets Lyft, Uber continue to operate – San Antonio Express-News

U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore, who is based in Houston, declined to issue a temporary restraining order against Lyft and Uber. She set a July 15 date for an injunction hearing, which could result in stopping the companies from operating or give city ordinances — which currently don’t allow Lyft and Uber to operate — a chance to catch up with the technology.

via Federal judge in Houston lets Lyft, Uber continue to operate – San Antonio Express-News.