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{link} Federal judge in Houston lets Lyft, Uber continue to operate – San Antonio Express-News

U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore, who is based in Houston, declined to issue a temporary restraining order against Lyft and Uber. She set a July 15 date for an injunction hearing, which could result in stopping the companies from operating or give city ordinances — which currently don’t allow Lyft and Uber to operate — a chance to catch up with the technology. via Federal judge in Houston lets Lyft, Uber continue to.. Read More

Swedish Earworms – The Sounds

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a few weeks now: I picked up The Sounds’ album Weekend recently and quite like it.  It’s pretty 80s-pop-ish, but in a good way. The album seems a bit more put together too compared to the past albums too.  Dang earworms. I was thinking about the Sounds and the Hives, and Maskinen and some other Swedish acts though and it made me  wonder why.. Read More

Stolen Bike Update (no news) – Mental Anguish Pt 2

Worrying about what replacement I’ll get for the Gunnar Fastlane is nothing compared to some of the other thoughts that were going through my head when thinking about the bike theft recently. I’ve been trying to stop thinking about it- but I keep wondering the same things about the theft and thieves. And most of the questions will ever get answered: Why did they pick my apartment’s garage? Was the door left open?.. Read More

Stolen Bike Update (no news) – Mental Anguish Pt 1

I don’t have any updates since my last post. The bikes are still stolen. I did file a police report and start the insurance claim process at least. But it will take a while to replace the Gunnar, and I haven’t even started that process officially yet (rather, the claim is being processed, I meant the official replacement process). The replacement should be pretty easy though as my bike shop (American Cyclery) has.. Read More