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Things You Should Double-Check

Some things in life require that you do a bit of due diligence before starting. Especially things that might need to be kept secret, or perhaps embarked upon with discretion. A great example would be if you sign up for an email list, or perhaps a utility company’s site like PG&E, and use an email address that you think is yours but isn’t. That happens every so often. It reminds me of this xkcd comic… Read More

{link} Instagram Is Spoiling Your Dinner

Oops Morewedge says the effect is short lived so it might be a good idea to simply put the phone down as you approach dinnertime. “If you’re going to eat shortly after looking at food pictures, you’re probably going to enjoy that food less. If you’re eating further down the line, then you’ll probably be fine – it resets pretty quickly.” via Instagram Is Spoiling Your Dinner | The Connectivist.

Japanese police ask ISPs to start blocking Tor | Ars Technica

A blanket ban? Sheesh… Tor is a valuable tool for activists who live under repressive regimes and anyone who might want to do something online anonymously (like whistleblowers for instance). Quite what “abuse” of Tor means is unclear. Since by definition you can’t really know what someone does when they’re using the service, it seems a blanket ban is the real intention. via Japanese police ask ISPs to start blocking Tor | Ars.. Read More

Two Interesting Twitter Accounts and a Saved Search

A while back I meant to link to two interesting twitter bot accounts… well, they may not be full bots, they may be semi-automated. I forgot about mentioning them until I was cleaning some screenshots off my phone. I had set up a search on Twitter for “Fuck David Stern“. I did this the day that Pop sent the big 3+1 home before the Spurs/Miami game. (see pics below) At first it was.. Read More