los tumulosI roasted my last remaining bit of beans from a blend from Sweet Maria’s Espresso Workshop line. This one is #27 “Los Tumulos”. The name comes from the Central American version of what they call topes in Mexico.

With the beans roasted to just about Full City they taste caramel-y and a bit like brown sugar with some fruit. It’s a nice break from my usual Italian-styled blends.

If you have a roaster, Sweet Maria’s still has the green beans listed on their page so grab some if you’re curious.

I do like this reasoning for the naming of this blend:

EspressoWorksop27LosTumulosWe see these signs when driving in parts of Central America warning of Tumulos, but it means speed bumps, not such an exotic reference. I was thinking this could mean “slow down, taste the coffee,” but it is just an excuse for liking the name a lot!