Ferry Building

Ferry Building by eltejano
Ferry Building, a photo by eltejano on Flickr.

View from the Hotel Vitale terrace which we had for our company’s holiday party.

Via Flickr:
View from the Hotel Vitale terrace


OGI wish I had been faster on the draw with my cameraphone on the 22 Fillmore last week.

This woman was cool: all smiles, rat-tail almost-mullet, and BONO wraparound shades. Achtung Baby!

She has prunes in her oatmeal with more style than the kids on the bus will have in years.

Two Pics from The Sunset

Art house? I was out running errands on my bike yesterday morning out in the Sunset. It was a typically gray, foggy, slightly windy day out there. The kind of day that makes you wonder if it’s winter already or if it’s possibly sunny in other parts of SF.

Anyway I always pass this house on the way back. One man’s art house is another person’s Che t-shirt? Is that the saying?

The next block over had this sweet ol’ Camaro.

Sweet Sunset Camaro