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Changing the #2 Clement – and whoa- hold your horses- the BX and AX?!

This morning I saw a notice that SF Muni wants to change the #2 line. Faster, more reliable service is coming! Uh no. I think the proposed changes are lame for the following reasons listed in a rambling form …. NOTE: I just saw that they’re discontinuing the #3 – so I need to rethink these notes below NOTE 2: I just took a look at some of the other changes- Ugh – adding.. Read More

Whenever I Read The Word “Harrowing”

I know it’s bullshit- Cyclists say they still want to use Valencia as a commuting route because of the bike lanes and its relatively flat grade. But they said careless driving, especially after dark, makes it a harrowing experience, and they rarely or never see tickets being issued, even though parking in the bike lane is illegal if it impedes bike traffic. via Valencia Street traffic poses risk to cyclists – SFGate. I’ve had.. Read More

New Bike Lanes in Golden Gate Park

new ggp parking and bike lane, a set on Flickr. Hopefully the SFMTA isn’t finished with the new bike lanes and these are works in process. I took these on Saturday and the park traffic was pretty backed up because of people trying to figure out how to park in the new spaces which in turn was backing up traffic and tour buses. @calitexican posted a pic on CYLRAB a few days earlier.. Read More

{link} DAs Office Looking Into Online Comments Allegedly Made By Cyclist From Fatal Collision With Pedestrian: News: SFAppeal

Sad story all around. There are quite a few “long” intersections that you need to be careful with the timing of the lights when you’re riding. There are a few on Market (at Geary? No, Maybe O’Farrell. And again at 4th) that you really need to stop immediately if the light turns yellow. Combine that with other corners where Peds are ready to jump into the street the second the crossing sign comes.. Read More

Coming Out?

I’ve been carrying a secret for a while. But I’ve decided to come out to y’all- my trusted friends and readers.  I bought and ride a singlespeed bike… and I like it. That’s right- after YEARS of mocking them and spewing scorn and hurling derision at their riders, I am now one of their flock. Perhaps this is my early onset midlife crisis, I’m not sure. But I could not keep my dirty.. Read More