Changing the #2 Clement – and whoa- hold your horses- the BX and AX?!

This morning I saw a notice that SF Muni wants to change the #2 line.

Photo Feb 10, 9 43 05

Faster, more reliable service is coming! Uh no.

I think the proposed changes are lame for the following reasons listed in a rambling form ….

NOTE: I just saw that they’re discontinuing the #3 – so I need to rethink these notes below

NOTE 2: I just took a look at some of the other changes- Ugh – adding stops at Van Ness for the AX and BX lines?! Ugh, that’s worse than the following rant about the 2 Clement . Seriously? What’s the point of adding stops to an EXPRESS LINE?! Forget the rest of this rant. 

1. Moving from an motorized coach to an electric one will actually slow the transit times. People take the #2 to various med centers near Japantown or downtown because it’s faster than the #1.

2. Moving to the electric line also severely limits the re-routing options during holidays/Sunday farmer’s markets/emergencies/etc.

2b. Also – Long-term, SF should start moving away from these overhead electric wire eyesores. They’re frequently problematic and busses get stuck behind each other (usually in Russian Hill). Whole bus lines can go down in the event of an emergency — or during more “quirky” SF events (Bay2Breakers, Outside Lands, etc).

Photo Feb 10, 9 43 30

3. The chosen route (K_OnOff_3 pdf) will duplicate some of the #1 line. Duplicates and possibly slows the #1 down even further as people will now have the new #2 to use as a possible inter-connecting bus. Should a #2 bus stall, the busier #1 line will have problems.

4. The #4 used to run part of this proposed route. Ridership dropped and the bus line no longer runs. If the #2 is dropping in ridership, canceling the line may be the better option as the area is already served by the #1, 1BX, the #3 and the #38, #38L, 38BX lines.

5. The proposed stop on 6th Avenue has limited hours in use in the morning by the 1BX and originally was not a stop for the 1BX, just the #4 until its cancellation. There is only room for 1 bus there in the mornings.

disclosure – I live near that stop that’s why I get annoyed by it- no notifications came out when they created it and moved the 1BX there.

Actually- it’s only supposed to be a boarding-only stop, but drivers frequently idle there instead of at 6th and Clement before starting their route. I’ve complained to Muni about this before, but they asked for a log of each bus number that was doing this. :/

Okay, I’m stopping my rants- when I was setting up the post and getting ready to copy the links to Muni’s pages I just realized they’re thinking of adding stops to the BX/AX lines on Van Ness

F this


Whenever I Read The Word “Harrowing”

I know it’s bullshit-

Cyclists say they still want to use Valencia as a commuting route because of the bike lanes and its relatively flat grade. But they said careless driving, especially after dark, makes it a harrowing experience, and they rarely or never see tickets being issued, even though parking in the bike lane is illegal if it impedes bike traffic.

via Valencia Street traffic poses risk to cyclists – SFGate.

I’ve had a few close-calls with some parallel parkers or getting doored, but most of the problems I’ve had on Valencia were with other cyclists- usually ones without lights and/or the occasional salmon! Harrowing my ass. Get some lights and learn to take the lane.

New Bike Lanes in Golden Gate Park

How's this work now?The squeezeSqueezing throughFail

new ggp parking and bike lane, a set on Flickr.

Hopefully the SFMTA isn’t finished with the new bike lanes and these are works in process.

I took these on Saturday and the park traffic was pretty backed up because of people trying to figure out how to park in the new spaces which in turn was backing up traffic and tour buses.

@calitexican posted a pic on CYLRAB a few days earlier and you can see from her pics that the white lines weren’t fully laid down yet. –actually they had been started but it had been raining a lot two weeks ago so they had to re-stripe.

Hopefully they’ll add some green paint to the bike lanes to make it clearer, but I’m not sure I like the changes so far. I appreciate the effort though.

{link} DAs Office Looking Into Online Comments Allegedly Made By Cyclist From Fatal Collision With Pedestrian: News: SFAppeal

Sad story all around. There are quite a few “long” intersections that you need to be careful with the timing of the lights when you’re riding. There are a few on Market (at Geary? No, Maybe O’Farrell. And again at 4th) that you really need to stop immediately if the light turns yellow. Combine that with other corners where Peds are ready to jump into the street the second the crossing sign comes on without looking both ways and you have a dangerous mix during rush hour.

“I really hope he ends up OK,” he wrote.However, he wrote that the moral of the story of his collision was the importance of wearing a helmet, eliciting critical comments from other members.”Not sure thats the moral of the story,” one member replied. Another member wrote that the real moral of the story is to slow down, “especially when blasting through busy parts of town during rush hour.”

via DAs Office Looking Into Online Comments Allegedly Made By Cyclist From Fatal Collision With Pedestrian: News: SFAppeal.

Coming Out?

I’ve been carrying a secret for a while. But I’ve decided to come out to y’all- my trusted friends and readers.  I bought and ride a singlespeed bike… and I like it.

That’s right- after YEARS of mocking them and spewing scorn and hurling derision at their riders, I am now one of their flock.

Perhaps this is my early onset midlife crisis, I’m not sure. But I could not keep my dirty secret in the closet any longer. I felt like a Republican at an airport bathroom and had to get it off my chest.

That’s the short version.

The longer story is that while I (still) love my main bike I wondered what it would be like to not have to change into bike shoes to ride- Simply grab my helmet and gloves (or not) and GO.

That ‘theme’ kept coming up especially when I tried to convince coworkers or friends to try bike commuting. They would point to my gear and say that they didn’t want to carry a bag of stuff and change at work.

I understood what they meant. I would try to point out other coworkers that ride who ride in street shoes. I was sympathetic. (side note- I really don’t carry that much- I leave extra clothes and shoes at work in my desk.) But most of the time for me, changing and clipping in my SPDs is my preference.

pak's broughamBut then that changed one day when Pak bought a 2nd bike (he has a badass orange Steelman that I love). Man did I give him shit for it too. Relentless harassment. He was a good sport about it.

Then one night I met Pak and some other friends at my local pub. I walked there and he rode and locked up out front. The night kept going on and on at other bars and restaurants in other neighborhoods- as they do.

I eventually quit early (1AM-ish) and I offered to grab his bike from out front of the bar to get it off the street. I took rode it home and was shocked at how comfortable it was. I also realized once I was on it that I was in street clothes and shoes. Granted, I was only riding it two or three blocks but it was a very nice ride.

I did look around though to make sure no one saw me. I was embarrassed.

Fast forward a few months later- I went to Roaring Mouse recently to check out the Presidio shop and to pick up some parts and supplies. I also wanted to test ride a Civia belt drive bike and look at some Traitor bikes.

After my test rides, they pointed out a bike that happened to be just my size. And it was on clearance!

mine has a chain guard

It was the same model as Pak’s but set up slightly differently. I gave it a test ride and had a smile on my face. And the price was right (clearance!). And I left with a new bike. [note: it did not come with skinny jeans, nor would I be able to fit in them had it come with them]

I’ve been riding it to work (when it’s not wet or raining) and I’ve been wearing hipster sneakers too. It’s been really nice to go slightly slower (only 2-3 mins difference on my commute route) and (try) not sweat as much and just hop off and go to my desk- or the cafe, or store, or friend’s house or a bar to meet friends for b-day drinks.

So there you have it.