Rants and Raves

I want to like Scoot, but there’s always that ONE GUY

I like the idea behind Scoot, I really do. I even think about renting them every once in a while. But once a week I see someone doing jackass crap on them.

This past weekend Isaw two hipsters on Scoots trying to get on 101. C’mon, Scoots aren’t highway compatible. I know people don’t want to look up CA DMV laws, but it even says that on the Scoot FAQ (see below).

Today’s ONE GUY? Riding in the bike lane, then on the Presidio trail.

I get it- I know the spot is beautiful you can see the sunset, and take great pics.

But get off the damn scooter, leave it parked somewhere legally, then walk over to the bench. Don’t ride on the sidewalk, then the trail and then on the overlook.

Also, I’m old and ranty. And I’m sure I do stuff as a cyclist that annoys people.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s ride our scoots all over! Get off my lawn. TBH – great spot for pics


scoot faq
scoot faq