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Random Covid Thoughts 2

preamble/disclaimer- I’ve seen some crappy posts on social media criticizing people for being “lazy” during ‘Rona, or people criticizing others about using food or their couch as a coping mechanism. That’s shitty. I’m not trying to do this or weight-shame anyone. My intention is to write this in the style of a Kedrosky Daily Graph

Like many others in SF, our company switched to WFH in March of 2020. We later made WFH a permanent thing (at least for us… for now).

Unrelated, I happen to track my weight. Sure, it may not be healthy psychologically, but at one point I was interested in the “quantified self and tracking weight (mostly the moving average as described in the Hacker’s Diet) was a part of that.

A nine year old weight tracking chart. Drop off starts with COVID SF Office Closure and SIP

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