Rants and Raves

Ack! My favorite accessory died

A few weeks ago my Fly6 rear light died. I’ve recommended this light to everyone and still recommend it.

I’m not sure what exactly happened but Cycliq tech support and I worked back and forth on trying to get it working again without luck. [impressively quick support team too]

Cycliq has a newer version out, and because mine was past the warranty date and they offered a discount to me, I wound up ordering the newest model last week.

I’ve commuted without it a few times now and I feel naked. Yes I have other lights- like my favorite Planet Bike Superflash, but I worried a few times about not having footage should I need it. (I never need it- knock on wood)….

I did post a vid from the Fly12 front camera last week in case you’re REALLY bored.

Check it out:


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