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CQ and Lyft in Japantown – Dec 12

Pulled footage from my Cycliq Fly6 for CQ on Dec 12. CQ is the rider behind me and we both (but 99% him) were honked at and almost cut off by a Lyft driver. I told CQ that I had a camera and he asked if I could pull it for him to see what had happened.

You can see and hear what happened with the video below. CQ keeps a MUCH more level-headed approach than I would have. I’m trying to be more zen on the bike, but I still want to slap mirrors*.

*I’ll try to find that old post or write a new one about being zen and mirror slapping

Here ya go:




  1. ugh, glad yalls ok

    nothing more coward than a lazy ass person in a motorized vehicle honking at bikes or peds, or even at cars in front of them yielding to peds.
    i have yet to bike the streets since the car “sharing” culture began but i cannot imagine. as a pedestrian it has not been easy, too many close calls from rude drivers not familiar at all/give a shit about smaller/crowded city streets w peds and bikers.

    ps. gives me nervios qué close you ride to parked cars after the incident intersection but it may be this back-window pov, bc DOORS.. ok i’ll shuddup now 😉

    ok ps 2. nice look to the blog, is it newer? muy nice.

    1. hey- didn’t see the comment at first. Yeah, the blog is new. The old one died 🙁
      Don’t be too nerviosa, it’s a rear-facing camera. I was pretty far away from the cars- I usually take the lane. I put a “wide load” sign on my butt and move right over 😉

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